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Meet Our Guides

experts in Tanzania Wildlife & Safari tours

Michael Mushi
Owner & CEO

Michael is a professional Tour Guide and Tour Operator Specialist. With over a decade of successful experience in safaris and wildlife management, specializing in wildlife and trekking techniques, he is incredibly knowledgable and excited to share this with tourists! Michael’s favorite destination is the Ngorongoro Crater because of how spectacularly it was created! Studied in Tanzania and regularly attending national training sessions, showcasing new tour guide trends such as Bush Skills and customer care, he is highly prepared to WOW you on vacation!

Yohana Mollel

Yohana is one of our Tour Guides, Inbound Drivers and also markets to attract visitors to Tanzania. Previously, Yohana has worked as a safari driver for more than 10 years for private companies across Arusha. He is attending his studies in Tanzania and his favorite destination is the Serengeti National Park due it’s abundance of wildlife and the vast amount of bird watching opportunities! Yohana prioritizes making tourists laugh and teaches them Swahili along the way!

Benedict Kisoka
Senior Accountant 

Benedict is currently an associate partner in the Arusha Auditors team and supervises the financial databanks of the company. He attended his studies in both Tanzania and Uganda. While on tours with Benedict, he will tell stories about his travels and family! The Serengeti National Park excites Benedict the most during the Great Wildebeest Migration, as it would anyone!


Our communications team is available to assist each traveler through the entire duration of your trip.
Hakuna Matata–Questions or Concerns?
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Natalie Kloc
Co-Founder, Web Developer

Natalie joined Ndewedo in 2019, contributing to social media and outreach efforts. Offering awareness and innovative tasks to our mission, we now connect with every client virtually before arrival in order to deliver a unique & extraordinary experience! Natalie focuses on forming partnerships with tourism professionals, applying for grant funding, and she oversees marketing. Integrating Ndewedo packages with educational opportunities, please get in touch with Natalie if you’re interested in contributing to the impact!

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Fox Collinson
Managing Director

Here to answer all of your questions and calls! Fox works closely with the guides and has a true passion for Tanzania! Born in the United Kingdom, but heart lives in Africa! Fox’s favorite moments were watching the sunrise in the Serengeti and working at Save Africa as a child care volunteer. Craving the hot springs and waterfalls in Moshi, he plans to return soon and repeat all of these “once in a lifetime” experiences!

Tamzin Ratcliffe 
Customer Liason & Social Marketer

Tamzin’s favorite destination was Zanzibar! While enjoying the people, nature and culture, she spent time swimming in the sea with dolphins, visited tortoise aquariums on Prison Island, and wandered around Stone Town. We all highly recommend going on a safari to fulfill your wildest African dreams!

Come enjoy Tanzania’s unique culture, let the locals guide
you through the nature and history! 
Tour the Banana Beer & Wine Farms, Coffee Farms, and
“If you can’t climb Kilimanjaro, Drink it!”
(official beer beverage in TZ!)

Embarking on a safari with Ndewedo or volunteering with AVE means leaving an impact on Tanzania’s economy, building strong bonds with the locals, and having the adventure of your lifetime! 

Karibu, Welcome to Tanzania!

Hakuna Matata