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    Visit between June & October for best safari conditions.

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Visit Tanzania–

What to expect

The best time to visit Tanzania is between June and October, during the dry season. Rainy seasons vary with the ‘long showers’ occurring mainly from April to May, and the ‘shorter afternoon showers’ are typical between November to December.

Depending on what you expect to encounter, learn more about Tanzania’s seasons and how they may affect your trip, below. 

High Season

Low Season

June – October

January – March & November to December

High Costs

Lower Costs

Advanced Booking Recommended

Booking on Arrival is OK

Lower Temp. & Dry Season

Higher Temp. & Rainy Season

Baby animals – Not common

Baby Animals – More Common 

Minimal Bird Watching

High Bird Migration to watch

Crowded Time of Year

Least crowded time

OK Photography Conditions

Best Photography Conditions

Great Wildebeest Migration–

One of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World

Year round, travelers can count on a chance to encounter the Great Wildebeest Migration! Being the largest land migration of mammals in the world, no other experience will compare for animal and nature enthusiasts.
Determine what month is best suited for your dream safari, below.


Average Time of Year

Birthing Season

January – March

Big Cat Action – High chance

January – March

Rutting (Mating Season)

January – March

Grumeti River Crossings

May – July

Mara River Crossings

July – September

Please note that all times listed are approximations based on data collected by National Geographic & other publications.

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